The "goods-to-person" principle

SILO Vertical Lift Modules operate according to the "goods-to-person" picking principle: the operator sends and verifies the picking and storage lists via an onboard PC, or via any mobile device (tablet and / or smartphone) on which the ICAM ICONTM software has been installed. The tray with the required items is carried at the access opening, positioned at an ergonomic height, where the operator can retrieve or store items, in total comfort and security.
The movement takes place through a vertical lift system with a tray retrieval mechanism. It moves vertically between 2 rows of racking where are placed the trays with the stored items.
The internal vertical shift system can operate along two or three axes, depending on the model of the SILO: respectively single or multi columns.

3 axis
2 axis
The computerized management

The control and the management of the SILO Vertical Lift Modules, are completely automated: you can manage and constantly monitor the stored items through ICON™, the management software for SILO VLMs range.
Thanks to the simple and intuitive graphic interfaces, in a very short time, you will learn to use the SILO Vertical Lift Modules without the need for long training courses or complicated operating manuals. Learning will be natural and spontaneous.
Furthermore, the integration of IRIDE, the innovate, interactive and multimedia system, will make the picking and retrieval activities even more efficient and accurate: all the relevant information are shown in the access opening, in front of the operator, just in his visual field, eliminating the need to continuously transit from the PC to the access opening, reducing the error risk.

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