Simple, safe and fast:
the perfect way to take control of your ICAM Vertical Lift System
Everything is under control with ICON. Functional and user-friendly, ICON is the web-based inventory management software application for the efficient management of storage and order picking processes and has been designed to meet the needs of the most important commercial and industrial sectors. Entirely designed and developed by ICAM, in conformity with the latest technological standards, ICON enables the full management and control of all the logistics processes of the entire range of ICAM Vertical Lift systems, and much more.
A multilingual, multi-machine application, that offers great flexibility of interface with the most popular WMS and ERP management software.
The highest level of accuracy, efficiency and profitability,
with the intelligent management of your stock!
ICON will increase productivity and efficiency, reduce costs and decrease labour requirements in your warehouse. Thanks to its modular structure, it can be customized to meet your unique requirements. Immediate tracking & tracing and availability of your item.

No more time spent searching
User-friendly design and visually-guided indicators improve order execution times for both picking and replenishment operations, offering a significant reduction in the time spent searching for items.
Key features at a glance:
  • Windows-based, intuitive graphical interface
  • Modular structure & and versatile options
  • Multiple inventory management strategies
  • Multilingual & multi-machine
  • Quick response times


Designed with the Microsoft.NET framework 4.5, ICON was developed in C# with the development tools for Visual Studio 2012. The industrial PC is Microsoft Windows 7 embedded and equipped with a network interface, a software package developed by the ICAM, and a database server program (SQL Server 2008 Express Edition).
Hardware Requirements (PC)

  • Dual core processor with 1.8 GHz or higher
  • 3 GB RAM
  • 120 GB Hard Disk
  • Double network card
  • 24v Power Supply
Software Requirements

  • Sistema Operativo Windows7 o superiore
  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • SQL Server 2008 Express Edition
  • IIS 7.0
The interactive control system
for your vertical lift system
It’s time to move picking beyond just speed work and turn it into an interactive experience, simple, efficient, effortless. Where what you see is so important as the tasks completed. Where the way you work makes the difference. That’s why we have developed a new technology that redefine the manner of interact with our machines. Thanks to the combination of colored light beams with the Digital Head-Up Dashboard and the smart hand-free control options, we let you move free among all the items you have to organize. Now technology and usability live side by side with productivity and accuracy. We define it Interactive Multimedia Workstation. We call it IRIDE. IRIDE give you an innovative and clever support in take control of your Vertical Lift System. It is designed to make more intuitive, fast and accurate all your picking and refilling operations, through a fully integrated digital environment in the machine and in ICON..
Benefits at a glance:

Ergonomics and usability:
  • Extremely simplified machine interaction and learning
  • Paperless, hands-free, easy operations
  • Proper identification of right item and right quantity
  • Drastic reduction of picking errors
  • Quick and easy identification of locations interested in picking and refilling
  • Enhanced productivity thanks to reduction in travel and distractions

IRIDE changes the way you think of picking operations, setting new standards in terms of usability, productivity, accuracy. With IRIDE, picking is a singularly interactive experience to perform.
High productivity
and complete peace of mind
Experience the innovative interactive control system and enjoy a unique combination of usability and technology. The paperless, hand-free gesture control system let you move free among the materials.
Greater precision and
situational awareness at all times
With clear and simple instructions, it becomes evident where to pick and the right quantity to collect. All information shown on the Head-up Digital Dashboard is projected as a natural part of the warehouse for more intuitive and accurate picking. It has been carefully selected for usefulness and low distraction for the greatest safety, productivity and accuracy.
All relevant informations
where you need it
All the information you need directly into your line of sight. This makes reading data much easier than the frequently consulting of the control panel.
Keep your attention
for your safe & comfort picking
Eliminating the need to continually transit from tray-to-control panel, you can fully concentrate on picking and be productive without stress. The refocused time is only a fraction compared with traditional management systems. This help you to keep your focus up and reduces eye-fatigue.

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