Quality and accuracy are key aspects in the histological samples managing process. In fact, the Departments of Pathological Anatomy are often in the spotlight because of legal disputes linked to a wrong management of these kind of items.
Traditional storage solutions are inadequate compared to the quality standards required by the market: difficulty in obtaining samples, loss and / or exchange of items, insufficient or inadequate storage space.

In order to guarantee the proper histological samples storage for a longer period of time due to the birth of biobanks and tissue banks for scientific purposes, it is necessary to have an efficient organization and a fast and reliable verification process.

The SILOISTO TECH range has been specifically designed for the archive of histological samples. It has been realized to solve this logistics challenges ensuring the drastic reduction of picking errors and the real-time monitoring of the machine and the stored items.
  • High storage capacity for histological specimens
  • Quick and secure access to archived histological specimens
  • Complete traceability of all hanlded samples
  • Drastic reduction of clinical risk related to a wrong management of histological samples
  • Maximum exploitation of the available space and adaptability to any environment 
  • Protection of histological material from theft, fire, dust, etc.
  • Ergonomics and safety for operators
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