Efficiently managing spare parts and components, without compromising on safety is a common need in many business sectors: Automotive, Aerospace and Defence, Electric, Electronic, Healthcare, etc. ...
It is critical to have availability of the parts and components your customers needs, in the quantity they require, at all times. Avoiding being out of stock and ensuring fast deliveryr times a very important driver for success in today's competitive world.

Our SILO VLM range helps supply chain managers to increase the operational efficiency and reliability of their logistics processes, while also allowing them to optimize available resources in terms of space and time.
  • Reduction in order fullfilment and lead times
  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduction in picking and retrieval errors
  • Real-time monitoring of stored items
  • Improvement of the level of service provided
  • Reduction of operational costs and a more rapid return on investment
Acmei Sud increased the productivity up to 50% thanks to 4 Vertical Lift Modules SILO2 installed in the picking area.
REGIE AUTO has obtained an increase of spare parts sales of 10% thanks to SILOVertical Lift Module 

Integration of a SILO2 Vertical Lift Module with an anthropomorphic robot for the automated pikcing of mechanical components.

Benelli Armi saved about 80 m² of floor space and increased the operational efficiency in its Urbino plant thanks to the implementation of a robotized kitting and assembling station.

Installed side-by-side, the 2 SILO2 Vertical Lift Modules ensure the fast and accurate storage of over 800 small- to medium-sized items in less than 50 m2.
Thanks to 2 SILO² VLMs, the Company has been able to improve efficiency, safety and security in the clean room.
SILOVertical Lift Module allowed to increase the storage capacity and to reach a significant improvement in terms of stored goods' security.
With our SILO2 VLM, GIMA increased the level of the service offered to their customers, thanks to reduced lead-times and constant monitoring of available stock. 
The SILOVLM allowed to increase accuracy and speed in the intralogistics processes of Monnalisa, a manufacturer of children's clothing.

LVMH chose the multi-column SILO2 VLMs for the safe storage and the accurate and fast picking of raw materials for the first processing of glasses.

Baritermo has a great reduction in order-fulfillment times thanks to the4 tri-columns SILO² Vertical Lift Modules.
For its Bönen site in Germany, GEA Farm Technologies has chosen 2 multi-column vertical lift  systems,  ICAM - SILO2, in order to automate the processes of storage and  despatch of spare parts.

Faster picking activities and full traceability of electrical components for PRIMA ELECTRO SPA thanks to SILO² VLM.

In 2015, due to the increasing inventory to manage, and the business growth prospects, ESEN FU, a company specialized in the distribution of aluminum profiles and accessories for doors and windows, moves to a new facility and decided to automatize the logistics processes. 
In Aerospace and Defence Industry, the main problems to resolve are the ever-increasing number of components and spare parts, the high value of tools and equipment, as well as the need to continually monitor the availabel stock levels. These isssues, have all pushed Alidaunia to opt for an automated storage solution. 
Picking times have become 25% faster thanks to the multi-column SILO2 Vertical Lift Module. 
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