The critical issues related to the storage of cylindrical materials such as rolls of fabric, carpet, rollers, printing cylinders, reels, plastic and paper material, etc. ... are very different but with a common denominator: the needed footprint.
Tools, In most cases, cylindrical materials are stored on static shelving or platforms on the ground with great difficulty during handling operations, taking off valuable space to be allocated to higher value activities.

Operators, often, are forced to move the upper rolls to get to the lower ones exposing the stored material to high risk of damage. The materials are also constantly exposed to external factors such as dust and humidity, which can affect the characteristics and compromise the quality of finished goods.

Identifying a storage solution capable of preserving the integrity of the stored goods and at the same time increasing storage capacity and operational safety, is a critical success factor in terms of productivity, customer service and corporate image.

SILOROLLBOX VLMs range, thanks to trays specially designed to meet these specific needs, is able to protect and store all the different types of cylindrical materials in the proper way, allowing to optimize the available space and improving the safety of the operators.

  • Better space exploitation  
  • Better storage condition
  • Drastic reduction of risk of damages during the handling operation 
  • Easy access and handling of stored items
  • Reduction in picking time
  • Accurate identification of items to be picked and traceability of all activities
  • Reduction in damages and injuries
  • Reduction of operational costs and  rapid return on investment
SILO2 has allowed to better organize the printing cylinders storage area while meeting the ergonomics and security requirements during handling and picking activities.
<Armando Álvarez Group has chosen 2 SILO² Vertical Lift Modules to increase the storage capacity and to optimize the picking activities for Plásticos Españoles and Silvalac, two companies of the Group.

Improvement of picking and retrieval activities, safety, real time monitoring and efficiency. These are the benefits obtained thanks to SILO2 Vertical Lift Module.

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