Tools, dies and molds are present in most manufacturing processes. Companies often waste time finding and retrieving stored items with negative implications of work flow.
The proper storage and handling of your tools, dies, and molds can make a significant difference in your return on investment thanks to reduced maintenance cost, increased longevity, improved safe handling, and reallocation of productive floor space. Finding a secure and efficient ways of storing and inventorying molds, tools and dies is a critical to avoid delay, damage and injuries.
  • Increased efficiency
  • Faster Retrievals
  • Drastic reduction of risk of injuries
  • Enhanced ergonomics and safety
  • Increased level of service
Logistics processes optimization, work environment enhancing, increase in productivity but first of all a lot of saved space.
In order to make the production and distribution processes more flexible and reactive, as demandend by the market, Bertoli Antonio decided to install 3 SILO2 VLMs, each in a specific area: zamak injection molding area, plastic injection molding area and packaging & shipping area.
Thanks to the SILO2 Vertical Lift Module, Cast System has been able to improve efficiency in the whole organization from production to customer care.

The 2 SILO² VLM installed have improved the molds' protection freeing up at the same time about 60% of the molds storage area.

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